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                                                   CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR SHOWS 2017
                                                              DEC 9th JAMMIN JAVA Vienna VA
                                                         DEC 16th UNDERGROUND ARTS Philly
                                                             DEC 20th HILL COUNTRY LIVE NYC
                                                        DEC 21st WONDER BAR Asbury Park NJ


                                                          GET A VIP Sound Check Party PASS 
                                                                                                               Pass includes
                                                                                                                 -Early entry 
                                                                                     -1 pint elk creek beer (Marah’s favorite brewery)
                                                                                                          -1 autographed poster
                                  -1 entry to win a super exclusive If You Didn’t Laugh You’d Cry TEST PRESSING (2 awarded per show)


                                                      Many Marah fans have told us that IYDLYC is the best Marah record.

And although that may be a matter of taste? there is definetly an argument for it being the MOST Marah record.

One  where perhaps our bands spirit was captured the brightest, the realist, the rawest....we made these recordings quickly in a dearly missed NYC studio (Magic Shop) and didn't allow ourselve$ the luxury of over-thinking it. The songs did most of the work. This 1st pressing new VFS LP version will be the one that will stand as the document going forward. Its a badass record. We are super proud of it and can't wait for y'all to get your hands on it. Rock/Roll ........$25

Making great American vinyl records is the only thing we truly care about (aside from playing great RnR shows) so THANK YOU SINCERELY for your continued support. We got you. MARAH....your real friends XOXO. Order now!

Iydlyc vinylk web store art top 25


The brand new 2017 edition of MARAH'S IYDLYC contains a SIXTEEN PAGE 12" booklet inside the gatefold featuring all the lyrics, drawings, liner notes and never before seen photographs from the 2005/06 era tour. This one feels more like a “Folkways” edition, a real document.

The brand new Scott Hull (MasterDisk) 180 gm master sounds more spectacular then ever before and also includes the lost classic "This Time"

Super high quality Bella canvas zip up hooded MARAH sweatshirt S - XXXL


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Marah xmas announcment

Previous events

Date Event Location
MARAH Christmas Spectacular Wonder Bar Asbury Park Wonder Bar, Asbury Park, New Jersey 07712 Wonder Bar, Asbury Park, New Jersey 07712
Marah Christmas Spectacular NYC Hill Country LIVE , New York City Hill Country LIVE , New York City
Marah at Underground Arts Underground Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123 Underground Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123
Marah Christmas Spectacular at Jammin Java Jammin' Java, Vienna, Virginia 22180 Jammin' Java, Vienna, Virginia 22180
WXPN Welcomes: Marah at The Ardmore Music Hall The Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003 The Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003
Mechanic Street House Concerts Mechanic Street House Concerts, Cleveland, Ohio Mechanic Street House Concerts, Cleveland, Ohio
Downhome Music Festival Downtown Springfield, Springfield, Illinois Downtown Springfield, Springfield, Illinois
Kollar Club Kollar Club, Pittsburgh, PA Kollar Club, Pittsburgh, PA
Conshohocken Music Festival Conshohocken, PA Conshohocken, PA
An Evening with Marah in NYC Hill Country Live, New York City Hill Country Live, New York City
An Evening With Marah in DC Hill Country Live, Washington, DC Hill Country Live, Washington, DC
Happy Valley MusicFest Downtown State College, State College Downtown State College, State College
HoagieNation Festival Festival Pier at Penns Landing, Philadelphia Festival Pier at Penns Landing, Philadelphia
Bielanko Brothers and Slo-Mo in Millheim, PA Elk Creek Cafe, Millheim, PA Elk Creek Cafe, Millheim, PA
Barcelona! A Wamba Buluba Club (Marula Café venue) , Barcelona A Wamba Buluba Club (Marula Café venue) , Barcelona
Marah in London! Dingwalls, London NW1 8AB Dingwalls, London NW1 8AB
The Maze Nottingham, Nottingham, UK Nottingham, Nottingham, UK
The Cluny The Cluny, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 2PQ The Cluny, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 2PQ
Kilkenny Roots Festival Set Theatre, Kilkenny, Ireland Set Theatre, Kilkenny, Ireland
Kilkenny Roots Festival Kyteler's Inn , Kilkenny, Ireland Kyteler's Inn , Kilkenny, Ireland

Can't wait to return to our hometown this Saturday June 24 to headline the inaugural Conshohocken Music Festival. Thanks to Denise Kovalevich for the write-up. Use the promo code "LOVE" to get $5 off per ticket. See youse there!!! CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS.

Click photo to read unedited version of CLASSIC ROCK interview with Marah.

Click photo to read unedited version of CLASSIC ROCK interview with Marah.

NEW!!! Classic Marah T-shirts Available Again!!

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The people have spoken. You wanted it, you got it.  We are super excited to be able to offer one of our most popular Marah t-shirts again! Just in, high-quality, old school Philly. COLOR-BLACK. ALL sizes!! Men's (up to XXXL!) AND women's in S-XL. Warm weather is coming. Get them while you can. Thanks! 
MARAH will play the best live RnR show in the entire DC metro area (and perhaps the world) this FRIDAY NIGHT FEBRUARY 24th at Jammin Java in Vienna Virginia. Then, on SATURDAY the 25th, the band return to Jammin Java for a second time to play in support of their great friends at the HOPE FOR HENRY FOUNDATION. 

H4H is an organization that provides meaningful and necessary respite to some very sick children facing long term hospital stays. H4H raises money to take kids out to ball games and movie theaters. Very real stuff that really helps prevent illness from defining the child.

PLEASE help us on Saturday night! All you gotta do is show up and support this awesome grass-roots organization. Feel great about that. Meet good people, hear some beautiful songs, We promise you an amazing night out. Later, in the most subtle way imaginable, some kid will feel your love... We are all so connected anyway. Rock/Roll.



VIP Ticket holders SOUND-CHECK doors" are 6 pm. MARAH welcome you to join them for a private last minute run-through of the evening's more challenging material, the decorating of the stage tree and a private hang out w band++++ complimentary pints from our bands favorite brewery on the planet: Elk Creek Cafe and Aleworks! VIP tix holders will also receive a commemorative MARAH PHILLY Holiday Spectacular autographed poster (above)

If you are late to the party and really need to be part of this, don't freak out... yet,. You can still upgrade regular GA tickets to VIP tix by contacting UnderGroundArts (VIP upgrade). But you better act now. THIS WILL ALL BE HAPPENING BETWEEN 6-7pm on Friday evening. 
#Philly #Christmas #RockNRoll

ON SALE NOW! Head on over to the Marah store and pick yourself up A CHRISTMAS KIND OF TOWN for your holiday listening pleasure. 


Nothing can or will stop this from being the best Rock & Roll show. We even rented a fuckin' snow machine. The Horns! The Girls! banjos and brand new electric guitars.

* P H I L A D E L P H I A *

Come to this show. Bring your loved ones who love or think they still love Rock N Roll. We can change you.

Next year 2017 we are planning on releasing a brand new MARAH record into the world. This show will stand as our celebration of our recent resurrection and all that still may lie ahead. BUY TICKETS. When the sun finally goes down on the evening of DEC 16th. You'll be ever so glad you did. BEST. RNR. SHOW.


Also, VIP Tix available for this event!
Soundcheck access!
Free ElkCreek Aleworks Pints!
2016 autographed Philly/Christmas Poster
After-parties etc etc.....

We will work hard to make this worth your time!

Thank you friends, absolutely can't friggin' wait!

THIS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5th at 5:30pm MARAH will perform in Philadelphia (the greatest city in the world) for the esteemed and fiercely independent YARD'S BREWING COMPANY. Get there! BRAWLER FEST.
More info here. We absolutely can't wait! 
HAPPY HALLOWEEN from MARAH in MILLHEIM PA - BadSanta, TheIncredibleHulk, TheWicked VVitch of the West, Skinny Puppy and SLO-MO!- (the sad Death of "Alternative Country") 

We had an amazing time playing music for y'all last night, so many fabulous people in that room... We finally got to open with The Cure's "Fascination Street" again, then we went right into "Coughing up Blood". We also got to play "If You Didn't Laugh You'd Cry", "Where The Darkhorses Go" and "The History of Where Some One Has Been Killed" all for the first time in many Halloweens...That made it super fun for us. 

THANK YOU to everyone else who made the trip from outta town. Love ya's a lot. XoXo -you know that. 

Thanks Fletcher! Thanks Jerry! ThanksChrisRattie!! McK & Purry. HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM MILLHEIM PA:):):):)

THIS SATURDAY!!! A very special LOCAL VINYL RELEASE 'ANGELS OF DESTRUCTION!' SHOW in our beloved Millheim, PA. Saturday 8PM, October 29th. The Elk Creek Cafe. Drink the best beer on Earth. Eat wings and fries. Kiss strangers. Levitate. Become possessed. Ride a broom.
Celebrate life with us. Buy tickets now!!!
Screen shot 2016 10 19 at 3 42 10 pm



When we were young and insane and making our first album "Let's Cut The Crap" in Grays Ferry/Point Breeze/South Philly we did everything together... Me and my Brother, Paul Smith (producer) and DannyMetz and RonnieVance.

Every year at Christmas time we went to 'Center City' to celebrate ourselves with a night out on the town no matter the cost. We went to a place called Sugar Mom's and we drank the new, cool Philadelphia beer called YARDS until we threw up.

These were mad, mad nights; "Mom" herself jacked me up against the bathroom wall and banned me for life! She was actually a really cool lady and I apologize now if I didn't get a chance to back then. SORRY MOM!

Anyway, YARDS went on to become an amazing and inspiring Phila institution. One of quality and integrity, of tradition and all the things that shoulda put them outta business years ago... But alas, another great one slips through the cracks! That's evolution, baby.

Congratulations Yards Brewing Company!!! We are super proud to play your inaugural 1st Annual Brawler Fest. And we will rock n roll your party!


MARAH FANS! We managed to bring home every one of the remaining UN-sold T-Shirts from our October Spanish tour! There are not very many left but they were just way too cool for us to leave behind....

So let's just sell these last few imports right here, right now. HAPPY FRIDAY!

$20! The shirts are amazing and made of cool, expensifico Euro fibers and they fit great and feel great and don't look at all boxy or cheap or weird like a lot of USA band T-shirts. You will look sexy and stylish and we can pretty much guarantee that you will get laid and pursued by countless other attractive people if you purchase one today. This would be your only chance.

HERE IS WHAT WE HAVE LEFT. MEN's and WOMEN's.... Click here to peruse the Marah store!
October 5 - 17: Marah on tour in Spain! Check here for dates!
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