Happy Holidays 2015
Wednesday, 09 December 2015 15:54
Happy Holidays! 2015 was our favorite year in a long, long time. We didn't do very much but what we did do felt powerful and important. We made "Kids In Philly" into a vinyl record (a good ass 180gm, 100% analog vinyl record.) We also played Rock n Roll together, my brother and me, all of us, together again. It felt right.
2016 will be fantastic, we know that now, so we move forward with great anticipation. But first, 1 more show to end an amazing year...
MARAH FULL BAND REUNION SHOW at the world famous STONE PONY, ASBURY PARK, NJ on Fri December 11th.
"Miss it at your peril." - Backstreets Magazine
Tix: http://www.stoneponyonline.com/schedule.html
Also, all USA "KIP" LP orders made by Dec 12th (Serge's Bday + Frank Sinatra's 100th Bday!) will arrive in time for Christmas!!! Order now at www.marah-usa.com

Happy Holidays! Thank you for supporting great independent Rock n Roll. We love you a lot. 
Your friends,
DB xoxo
"Kids In Philly" Vinyl Release + Reunion Shows
Tuesday, 29 September 2015 17:24

This Fall, we are re-releasing Marah's breakout album “Kids In Philly” on vinyl for first time ever! Mastered from the original ½” analog tapes recorded 15 years ago, “this is the biggest and baddest the album has ever sounded,” says lead singer Dave Bielanko.

Marah is celebrating the release with a reunion show in their hometown of Philadelphia on 10/17. It sold out so fast they recently added 10/10 at Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks in their adopted hometown of Millheim, PA.

Here’s the full line up: David Bielanko, Serge Bielanko Christine Smith, Adam Garbinski, Dave Petersen and Mark Sosnoskie, plus special guests Mike “Slo-Mo” Brenner + Coolerman! In Philly we'll also have Matt Cappy + horns!

The “Kids in Philly” Vinyl Package includes CD + DL card with bonus material (9 extra songs) plus a beautiful insert poster with Dave's new liner notes. KIP is out 10/6/15 (Valley Farm Songs) and is now available on the the merch page of this website. The record will also be available at the shows. And the new digital master (a snapshot of the true analog master) including bonus material will soon be available for download online everywhere. 


Saturday, 28 June 2014 15:48
It is maybe a bit irresponsible, jamming ourselves into the cobblestone bottleneck as billions of Catalans bum rush the ancient square, the first of the fire bombs going off. I dunno what other people would do? Not come here maybe? (or at least stay the hell back at the cushy tourist hotel and watch this humanity play out safely on a tiny device screen?) Stay alive. 

“Go with Dave, Gus!” That’s what I think Eric was shouting last Sunday night when we found ourselves divided by a human, Euro-river, flood thing the likes of which I’d only ever seen on a studio monitor over the shoulder of an anchor girl on a hotel BBC world news report. My back hits the stone wall pretty hard. Not “time to panic” hard, but hard enough, I notice it. This particular street festival is not going to be “casual.” It is not going to be relaxing. No…rather it’s very old and politically charged, tonight is the night that the mob grabs the microphone and screams its lungs inside out. Add to that that this is the first night of Summer and the longest night of the year and you get the feeling that maybe there are even older Gods at work; constellations whispering shit back and forth, big stone eyeballs opening somewhere. It feels like we might be standing over a giant sun dial buried 100 feet beneath this square. Now the first of the Dragons start to appear and the mob begins jumping up and down in place, Gus is on my back (it’s all we got now) and we know we must begin jumping up and down with them, only dead men know what happens if you don’t.

On Saturday night (the night before) we rocked the shit out of a little box theatre north of Barcelona. We ended our performance by locking into the psycho strobe light throb of the “Rollin’ & Tumblin” riff and vanishing one by one. Right before I walked off, Gus and I looked at each other for a micro-second (he prolly didn’t even notice) but my mind took this weird picture, a physical memory or something?? I’m not sure what the hell it was? Same rhythm as the mob though.

Azkena is where they invented the black, rock n roll tee shirt. It’s a powerful music festival. I once saw Iggy climb the lighting rig there and I assume scare the shit out of whoever was backstage that really loves him. His simplicity was complete and stunning. There was 0 bullshitting going on. He was managing to starve the bullshit of oxygen so it couldn’t survive anywhere near where he was standing/singing/rolling around…not even where he was going. His band sounding like an off shore drill. Thump, sssss, thump.

Gus and Huck played wiffle ball in the hotel lobby at 4 am, I saw it from outside the glass doors right before we went out for Mahous and Pacharan. We even managed to convince a Bosnian Electronica DJ to knock it the hell off and play the Americanos some Frank Sinatra. Eventually he does and it sounds crazy good. I think even he is surprised. It is 6am now?

The Mountain Minstrelsy band is mega now, it’s growing up fast, a village band, family band. We are working on Europe for the Fall (all of Spain for sure.) We won’t last forever but we are not finished yet. Next stop is NYC, Philadelphia and Nashville. I wouldn’t wanna come on after us now.

Thanks to our fans in Espana and Basque Country! Xoxo thanks to Albert and the Azkena family, Oriol and Andrei, Miguel at Hostelets, the folks at Konvent Zero, The Scorpions for the bass (D#) Pappas, David and Oscar, Oscar Pamplona, Dr. Paul Murff.

Marah at Azkena Rock Festival - Spain
Friday, 30 May 2014 07:57

HOLA ROCKERS! MARAH AT AZKENA ROCK FESTIVAL FRIDAY JUNE 20th...It is with great joy that we announce our addition to this prestigious and amazing rock n roll festival. EUROPE- if you can get there, get there! Azkena is something to not be missed. MARAH presents the full on MOUNTAIN MINSTRELSY band at ARF 2014 in beautiful Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain. Check out the Festival line up here: http://www.azkenarockfestival.com/arf/2014/



"A Melody of Rain" Official Video
Monday, 28 April 2014 18:57

Friends! All will be pleased to hear that our new video is great...it can now sit nicely next to other great music videos like 'Thriller' (the one where Tom Petty is in a UFO in the desert.) As you watch our new little instant classic starring the young Huck Tritsch, we ask you to seriously consider buying our MOUNTAIN MINSTRELSY OF PENNSYLVANIA album (LP/CD/Download Card all in one package for $20) available at http://www.marah-usa.com Buy it and say YES to independent music and soul and spirit and America....buy it and say NO to a lot of the other ridiculous baloney currently out there. Support us and we'll make you proud. Go Minstrelsy!

Your friends,

"...a great album, a weird and wild stew of country goodness, seasoned with bits of rock, punk, Appalachia, folk and great songwriting…loaded with more surprises than a Yankee rooster in a French henhouse.” – 8 of 10 Popmatters
“…unfettered charm and stoic simplicity far removed from the cluttered trappings of present day circumstances.” – Blurt

“A genuine slice of this country’s history, Mountain Minstrelsy of Pennsylvania is absolutely necessary listening.” – Elmore Mag

"…a freewheeling celebration that is filled with charm and personality.” – Twangville

"Ultimately, there is a pulse-quickening thrill when we dig up a long-forgotten past and shine upon it a contemporary light. These are the things that make this album so unique and attractive." 9 of 10 No Depression

More shows coming soon...

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